Mute Forest - Crater Laugh

Lost Tribe Sound

Release date: 02/21/20
Genre: Post-rock
Sub-Genre: Ambient

"Crater Laugh" is the second single from Mute Forest's sophomore album ‘Riderstorm’. There’s a moment early on in 'Riderstorm'(releasing April 3rd, 2020 via Lost Tribe Sound) where a submarine-like pulse swells, then fades into the void. “Truth is a wave.” Kael Smith pronounces, “A rave I just can’t hear.” On Smith’s new album under the Mute Forest moniker, truth seems to slip in and out of his hands like a moth. Amongst the album’s ten sonically-rich and verdant songs produced by Mike Bridavsky (Magnolia Electric CoRivulets) these moments of clarity are bountiful; textural brush strokes strip away, the lens focuses in, and with a magnifying glass the listener peers directly into Smith’s vulnerability.

FOR FANS OF:  Ilyas Ahmed, Mount Eerie, Talk Talk, Bark Psychosis, Benoît Pioulard, Gravenhurst, Mark Hollis

GENRE: Electro Acoustic, Post-Rock, Ambient, Experimental Folk

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