Harold Budd & Clive Wright - A Song for Lost Blossoms

(DRL198-3/DRL198-4/DRL198: 708527019825)
Release date: 10/07/2008
Genre: Ambient

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1. Pensive Aphrodite
2. A Song For Lost Blossoms
3. Forever Hold My Breath
4. At This Moment
5. Of Many Mirrors
6. The Saint Of Whispers
7. Blind Flowers

Darla is pleased to offer A Song For Lost Blossoms, a record of ambient melody and transcendental mood portals from minimalist/modernist master Harold Budd and friend guitarist/composer/producer Clive Wright. A Song For Lost Blossoms nicely builds on both artists’ previous ambient work. A Song For Lost Blossoms was recorded live and in studio at different locations including the artists’ homes, at REDCAT (Roy E. Disney Concert and Theater), Los Angeles, and Clive Wright's Desert Sky Studio, Joshua Tree, CA. These recordings represent the very best of Harold and Clive's work together over the period 2004 to 2006. Artist and friend Anna LaCazio reads her poem, “A Song for Lost Blossoms”, the title track.

Harold Budd is recognized as "The Godfather of Ambient Music". His works are the cornerstones of the modern minimal and ambient canon. Clive Wright is a founding member of the platinum selling pop/rock band Cock Robin and has worked as writer, producer and guitarist with Human Drama, Tears for Fears members, Montell Jordan, The Black Eyed Peas and Peter Gabriel. Budd and Wright met as residents of the beautiful and remote Southern California desert community of Joshua Tree. With only just a little imagination one can easily hear the influence of the Southern California desert environment; the sounds of its stark beauty, serene quiet and otherworldly presence.

Cover art painting by Billy Al Bengston.

Mastered by Eric Ryan, Ravenswork with similar EQ settings as Harold’s classics The White Arcades and Lovely Thunder.

Total run time 74:52.

"When Wright's Fripp-like guitar sound is heard against Budd's time-suspended synth backings, it's hard not to be reminded of No Pussyfooting and Evening Star, and there are moments when one could easily hear A Song for Lost Blossoms as an intended homage to those earlier classics. A Song for Lost Blossoms  is a long album but there's no questioning its quality, and it's certainly a more-than-credible addition to Budd's deep catalogue." --TEXTURA

1. Pensive Aphrodite, 2. A Song For Lost Blossoms, 3. Forever Hold My Breath, 4. At This Moment, 5. Of Many Mirrors, 6. The Saint of Whispers, 7. Blind Flowers

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