My Morning Jacket - Chapter 2: Learning: Early Recordings

(DRL154: 708527015421)
Release date: 11/15/2004
Genre: Rock, Indie Rock

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The Darla archives contain many unreleased early My Morning Jacket recordings, the best of which have been compiled by My Morning Jacket’s Jim James for release along side all the hard to find favorites previously available only on singles, compilations and an early European only ep release.

1. Tonight I Wanna Celebrate With You (from Heartbreakin Man ep: EU release only), 2. Just One Thing (from Little Darla has a Taste for You 7"), 3. Take My Breath Away (from Louisville is for Lovers compilation CD), 4. West End Girls (previously unreleased), 5. Dream a Little Dream of Me (from Iceland to Kentucky compilation CD), 6. Death is the Easy Way (version from Little Darla has a Treat for You v.13 CD), 7. Bermuda Highway (live at KVRX version from Little Darla v.19 CD), 8. Nothing To Me (from bonus 7" released with The Tennessee Fire 2LP), 9. I Won't Cry (previously unreleased), 10. Why Don't You Love Me? (previously unreleased), 11. That Someone Else Was You (previously unreleased), 12. Tyrone (from Little Darla has a Treat for You v.17 CD), 13. I Will Be There When You Die (2 meter session: live on Dutch radio version. Previously unreleased), 14. Good Nights In Others' Beds (previously unreleased)

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