Multicast - Rural Sessions

(OBQ005-1: 664409135116/OBQ005-2: 664409135123/OBQ005-3: )
Release date: 10/4/2019
Genre: Electronic

Warehouse find! Originally released in 2001. From the rural outposts of Colorado come Multicast with a 74-minute excursion into expansive soundscapes, head-nodding rhythms, counter melodies and spot-on improvisational electronics. “Rural Sessions” takes a rather refreshing approach to leftfield electronic music doing away with glitch based DSP programming, and falls more into territories of improvisation and session-based recording, incorporating DIY analog sound sources with digital synthesis. This should surely please listeners familiar with other contemporary electronic artists such as Lowfish, Eno, L’uisine, Bernd Friedmann, Tortoise, and Boards of Canada, but within the realm of a Multicast framework, bringing melody and depth of atmosphere back to the fore like a modern Global Communication. These are album-centric tracks and much in league of previous Multicast EP’s.
“Phosphene”kicks off the album with full-on epic strings and a spectrum of synthesized noises akin to the crackling of a Geiger counter. “Mr. Hz (Takes a Jazz Break)” is an improvisational piece containing atmospheric guitar work sparked by sci-fi beats that transition into a dark and dubby bass excursion. Originally appearing on the debut Obliq Recordings compilation, “Tropicalda” returns re-mixed and mastered with vibrant and warm existential ambience. Ballerica—which completes the puzzle with the missing corner pieces from your brother's record collection—answers the question "What do surf-music, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream have in common besides driving on the Autobahn?” The track “La Honda” employs chromatic and disjointed beats that sound like wet jolts of electricity amplified through the lead pipes of the kitchen sink with beautiful shimmering guitar. “Way Station” explores imaginary airport terminal-like spaces with a ackdrop of serene ambience and non-discernable intercom simulations. “Calisto (Solar Sailor)”, originally appearing on 2000's ultra limited 8 inch floppy disk release, is now properly included here in context of complete works from Multicast. Exclusive to the CD only and never before released, the original 24-minute version of “Laura” finishes off this album, which will undoubtedly please Multicast listeners familiar with the acclaimed Iron Feather Journal/Multicast EP. The 2xLP version contains a different, never before released atmospheric reprise of “Laura” not contained on the CD.
Track Listing
Mr Hz (Takes A Jazz Break)
La Honda
Way Station
Calisto (Solar Sailor)
Laura (Reprise)

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