Mr. Suvarnabhumi - E60   [PREORDER]

Carpe Sonum

Release date: 1/12/2024

  1. Intro (Drone #1)
  2. E60
  3. Nada Brahma
  4. Bad Rain
  5. R2R
  6. Lonelineness
  7. Outburst (TB-303 in Kingston Mix)
  8. La Paz
  9. Rufiyaa
  10. All is Quiet and Peaceful
  11. Tiger Lunch

The mysterious Mr. Suvarnabhumi (Christian Schek) is quite the wiggly worm of electronica, and his itinerant rapid movements find the ideal home on Carpe Sonum Novum. One thing’s for certain: the good Mr. S knows his way around his machines, programming them with a disregard to style, category, or affiliation. He’s just as inclined to allow some sexy, saxy post-bop blurt into his sweeping vistas (“Nada Brahma”) as he is in engaging in some spiffy moonboot funk (“Intro (Drone #1)) and great atmospheric new age cut with musique concrete and watery, deep space dub (“R2R”, which recalls many of Yagya and Grad_U’s similarly dusky forays). The shiny, drum komputer dianetics pf “La Paz” offer some bright respite channelling both 90s-era Tangerine Dream and foggy bottom IDM of the same timeframe, while the closing timestretched dub techno of “Tiger Lunch” pulls and tugs at your speaker’s cheesecloth until the woofers beg for mercy. Unlike others working in a fifth-world vein, mind-melding all forms of organic touchstone genres with the more sublime elements of so much after-hours ambience, Mr. S conjures a never-ending array of mystic moods and sultry spaces.

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