Migala - Así Duele Un Verano

(NOIS1121-1: 1907584920184)

Release date: 9/27/2019
Genre: Rock, Americana

Reissue. First time on vinyl.

Acuarela presents the reissue on vinyl of “Así Duele un Verano” (Acuarela, 1998), MIGALA’s second album, a landmark in the European indie scene at the time and a classic 21 years after its original release. The 13 songs have been remastered for this deluxe gatefold sleeve edition.

With a spectacular design and sound, “Así Duele un Verano”, shines for its cinematographic and hypnotic songs and its complex and often cathartic musical arrangements, heavily influenced by alt-folk, post-rock, and traditional Spanish music. The result was a recognizable genre both back in the day and now.

MIGALA (1996-2005) was a rock-based experimental group from Spain. In almost a decade, they had time to become the backing band for Will Oldham in more than a dozen gigs, open shows for Red House Painters, The Magnetic Fields or Smog and release a 7” and an album on Sub Pop thanks to Stuart David´s (Belle & Sebastian) praise and recommendation. They also had international distribution with a great reception in France (where they sold almost 6.000 CDs) and, of course, in the USA, land from which they gathered their influences close to art-folk, Americana and post-rock.

They also had the honor of having Pitchfork’s highest rating of a Spanish record up to today: a 9.3 for their album “Arde” in 2001 (their record “Restos de un incendio” also received a high rating of 8.4). MIGALA also appeared in some of the world’s most important magazines and media: Le Monde, Liberation, Magic!, Les Inrockuptibles, O Globo, Spin, Alternative Press, The Independent or The Sunday Herald featured them in articles, reviews and interviews.

“To manufacture classic songs with an uncanny atmosphere” was their motto. And that is exactly what the band achieved in their five albums: a mature lyrical and literary universe that transcended cliché and fads to portray an extremely honest and brave vision of music and art. Being more a collaborative ensemble than a common band, MIGALA released wistful, poignant and somberly beautiful songs which time´s tide will never smother.

1. Wait the Ships Come Back 2. The Whale 3. 320 m. to the Surface 4. Low of Defenses 5. Gurb Song 6. Guetaria 7. On not given Farewells… 8. Ancient Glaciar Tongues 9. Akita 10. Unlost Memory 11. Regular Storm Sounds 12. Dactilographique 13. When I Go, I Go 



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