Mick Chillage - Growth

Before and After Silence
(BAASMCLF03: 708527210338)

Release Date: 11/19/2021.

The inspiration came about while on a walk around my local park and across its rather brutal looking metal suspension footbridge which spans across the river below. I noticed the growth of lichen on its surface. I was taken by the bright yellow fungi contrasting against the wine coloured painted metal supports and the black slip resistant walkway. I felt this would make a nice photograph, so I took a picture with my phone.

The image lingered in my brain and I was fascinated how the lichen was taking over the bridge on certain surfaces, almost as if it was trying to blend the alien structure to its natural surroundings.

I began to see a connection between nature's ability to grow in the most unexpected environments and how growth can happen to us in unexpected situations also, particularly poignant in the current pandemic, for many this has been a challenging time but also its been a time of growth as we discover that maybe we should be doing things different in our lives.

This inspired me to work on a new piece of music.

The title "Growth" seemed to fit as the track grew from an unusual sonic foundation just like the lichen had grown on the metal of the very industrial and brutal looking footbridge at my park.

Growth Part 2 came shortly after the first one, although a completely new composition it seemed to connect with the first one, another recent walk in my park and I noticed that one of the trees had a very tiny branch growing, on this infantile branch were some rather large new leaves. Strangely this was Autumn and whilst most leaves were dying these leaves were very green & luscious. I took a photo and some days later a new piece of music began to emerge.

So now I present “Growth” Parts 1 & 2 on one CD for the first time and in digital that clock in at approximately seventy eight minutes.

Written, produced, recorded & mastered by Michael Gainford
at the Igloo Dublin 2020/2021

Art & Design, Tony Obr

Part 1 39:51
Part 2 37:04

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