Matt Hunter - New Rotations

(DRL324-1: 708527003244/DRL324-2: 708527032428/DRL324-3)
Release date: 07/21/2017
Genre: Rock, Indie Rock

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Black vinyl LP limited to 250.

Darla Records is proud to offer a new solo record by our old friend Matt Hunter of the legendary Western Mass. indie rock outfits New Radiant Storm King and Silver Jews.

New Rotations is the first solo record from Matt Hunter. As half the songwriting team of New Radiant Storm King, Matt's songs have always stood out as more introspective, pastoral, jangley (listen to "View of a Wedding through the Hubble Telescope") and often have that certain New Zealand indie pop/rock feel. Acoustic piano and guitar, plus fiddle and pedal steel guitar play an integral part to balance and round out electric guitars, bass & drums on New Rotations. Matt knows how to tell a story simultaneously lyrical and poignant, which always distills bits of everyday life into something more sublime, personal and profound. That's always an treat. Matt has an endearing gift in his ability to communicate under the noise of life.

Recommended if you like The Verlaines, Richard Lloyd, Chris Bell, Mission of Burma, Velvet Underground.

A1. Everybody Leaves
A2. The Thing
A3. January Sun
A4. TFW (You Have That Feeling)
A5. Bog Boy

B1. Until Sundown
B2. Sutton Hoo
B3. Let's Go
B4. Take a Light
B5. The Road

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