Lisasinson - Perdonamama

(ER1263: 8428846112633)

Release date: 5/19/2023

Re-press. Limited edition black vinyl 10” mini-LP with download.

“New Adventures In Pop” collection [Issue 052]

“New Adventures In Pop” has been one of the collections from Elefant Records that has brought us the most joy. Because of its philosophy of supporting new projects; because it has meant discovering gems that are now enjoying careers full of releases and great songs, and as collectors because many of the collection’s releases are objects of desire for many music lovers who long to get their hands on the sold-out editions. Included in this collection, we have seen groups like AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, PAPA TOPO, KOKOSHCA, BAND À PART, RENALDO & CLARA, TRONCO, Cristina Quesada, and many more, grow. Spanish groups, sure, but also French, Japanese, American, Swedish, Brazilian… And the latest releases include groups like PIPIOLAS, MARINITA PRECARIA and AMOR BUTANO who very soon everybody will be talking about.

That’s why we have decided to re-release some of these sought-after items, this time on 10” black vinyl, for those fans who felt like there was a gaping hole on their shelf. The chosen singles are “Perdona Mamá” by LISASINSON, the first physical release from this riot grrrl group from Valencia with a handful of incredible hits, and who will soon release their first full length; “Va totalmente en serio…” was also the debut from AIKO EL GRUPO and their carefree, very impertinent punk-pop; CARIÑO began their path to success on Elefant with that “Movidas” that we are bringing back here to the beat of the guitar and pop melodies; and finally, another important debut, PUTOCHINOMARICÓN’s, breaking barriers and stereotypes from their first songs on that “Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor".

Four releases, four Mini-LPs, four 10” vinyls, four albums that meant the start of careers that are brilliant and sparkling today. And pay attention to the upcoming “New Adventures In Pop” releases. Because you know what they say about the early bird...


TRACKLIST: 01 Atasco  02 Corazón  03 Todo Me Da Igual  04 Volverte A Enamorar  05 Tú Y Yo 06 Canción Para Mi Crush  07 Discoteca  08 Barakaldo  09 La Isla

It is finally here. After many advances that have only made us hungry for more - with songs like “Barakaldo”, “Atasco” and “Canción Para Mi Crush” - we finally get to enjoy this Valencian group on this limited-edition Mini-LP (as part of our New Adventures In Pop collection, of course). It has nine songs that make it clear they meant what they were saying and doing on all of those advances, with that attitude that has gotten us so hooked on their sound: youthfulness, spontaneity, rebelliousness and overflowing energy. The album liner notes say it too: “These songs are about us. Getting a group together has been one of the best decisions we ever made”.

To open the release, we have “Atasco”, their song with the clearest echoes of the sixties, and a chorus that is like an epic poem: “En esta negra ciudad no bailarán / Las chicas ya no volverán / No volverán a bailar jamás” (In this dark city they won’t dance again / The girls will never dance again / Will never dance again). An anthem. It is clear that they are incredibly capable of creating them. “Corazón” is pure immediacy and spite. It is a style guide carried out with rage and force. “Todo Me Da Igual” starts off by making us think of the PIXIES. But Míriam’s voice quickly puts us in our place. We are talking about them. Their melodies are unique, peculiar, with signs of the times they are living in. We could talk about HOLE, BIKINI KILL, L7, and many other nineties pop-punk groups they have things in common with, but they are closer to THE BETHS, LOS PUNSETES or AXOLOTES MEXICANOS. These girls like their guitars, distortion and fury. Bless them. Bless them for all of this and for the moshing we are saving up in this awful period, for when we finally get to hear “Volverte A Enamorar” – one of their most immediate hits – live again. “Tú Y Yo” closes side A of this transparent vinyl with a surprising extra touch of pop, and a new demonstration of eloquence and vehemence: “Me caes mal / No te puedo mirar / Me entran ganas de vomitar / Ya no puedo fingir que me hacer reír” (I don’t like you / I can’t look at you / It makes me want to throw up / I can’t pretend you make me laugh).

“Canción Para Mi Crush”, one of their most recent advances, is a song that is capable of playing with Latin touches without leaving behind the noise and punk. It has a complex structure that doesn’t lose even a drop of the immediacy, and gives us such memorable lines as “La era digital me hace perder facultades para ligar” (The digital age is making me lose my flirting skills). “Discoteca” is Ramones-y like nothing else. A shot of late seventies punk-pop, THE UNDERTONES, RAMONES and THE REZILLOS. For the whole crew. We’re going to have to wear elbow and shoulder pads to the concerts. And other fantastic bits like: “No he encontrado un filtro que tape todas mis ganas de llorar” (I haven’t found the filter that covers up how much I want to cry). “Barakaldo” was the first encounter, the song that opened the doors to that universe of theirs that breathes life into us and gives us so much energy, and that is why it will always be so special. The song that closes the Mini-LP is “La Isla”, where Míriam Ferrero (vocals and guitar), Mar Espinosa (guitar), María Martínez (drums) and Paula Barberán (bass, substituting for Roser) set the bitter and epic tone with a liberating, purifying song.

If there is something that makes us fall in love with LISASINSON, it is their authenticity. You hear their songs and they immediately get to you. It is the need to be heard, to let it all out. And that, although it seems like a simple thing, is really hard to find. That is why we hope to continue enjoying this group for many years.

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