La Casa Azul - Tan Simple Como El Amor: 25th Elefant Anniversary Reissue

(ELE25013: 8428846251134)

Elefant 25th Anniversary special release. Numbered Limited Edition of 1000. Includes a free digital MP3 download.

TRACKLIST: 01 En Noches Como La De Hoy 02 Quiero Parar 03 Vamos A Volar 04 El Sol No Brillará Nunca Más 05 Cambia Tu Vida 06 El Secreto De Jeff Lynne 07 Prefiero Bailar 08 C'est Fini 09 Siempre Brilla El Sol 10 Superguay 11 Por Si Alguna Vez Te Vas 12 Aunque Parezca Lo Mejor 13 Como Un Fan 14 Preferimos Soñar (Hidden Track)
We are moving forward with our special collection of re-releases to celebrate Elefant Records’ 25th anniversary. In 2014 we turned 25, and we announced our plans to release a collection of 25 editions with a focus on vinyl, on attention to every detail in every release, some extra tracks and many surprises both for fans and for newcomers who weren’t able to buy the albums by THE SCHOOL, TREMBLING BLUE STARS, LE MANS, JUNIPER MOON and LOS FLECHAZOS, among others, when they were first released. We’re back to new re-releases from LA CASA AZUL, from the magnificent “Tan Simple Como El Amor” (in black, 1000-copy, numbered, limited-edition vinyl), and their big hit, “La Revolución Sexual”, with a special double-vinyl release, which will have the album’s original songs and the extras, covers of other groups and songs from the album in other languages with special collaborations, which were included on that second part of the album that was “Lo Que Nos Dejó La Revolución”. In this case, the release will be on transparent vinyl, with a different colored album cover and sleeve by Gregorio Soria, the original designer of the first edition of the album, as a numbered,1000-copy limited-edition.
When “Tan Simple Como El Amor” came out, LA CASA AZUL was already on the tip of everyone’s tongue. “El Sonido Efervescente De La Casa Azul” had made a huge impact on pop-lovers half the world over, and there were three years of waiting before this release that confirmed that Guille Milkyway was no one-hit-wonder, but something really special, to be worshipped, who would offer himself to us in order to transport us to the most amazing places pop could go. And did he ever!
That was the album when a lot of people thought LA CASA AZUL was 5 young guys. But most of all, that was the album that confirmed that Guille was going to be around for a while. Yeah, “Superguay” excited us to the point of exhaustion, and showed us that there was an eye more and more on the dancefloor. “En Noches Como La De Hoy” opened the album with one of those melodies with a touch of ye-ye that won us over forever. “Vamos A Volar” had an irresistible touch of disco-funk. “El Sol No Brillará Nunca Más”, groove and sampling, soul and disco, one of those hits that to this day is still one of the key moments in LA CASA AZUL’s live show. “Prefiero Bailar” was capable of blending a sixties sound with a touch of punk-pop, only to be another of those eternal songs designed to sing along to. The closing track, “Como Un Fan”, beyond perfect pop, that way of singing so fluidly yet with such a hook... And it’s like this with all the songs on an album that, once again, lifts our hearts with classics like “C’est Fini”, “Siempre Brilla El Sol”, “El Secreto De Jeff Lynne”, “Por Si Alguna Vez Te Vas”...

This album is being released on vinyl this time, after many years out of print, and will be part of the collection of re-releases celebrating Elefant Records’ 25th anniversary. A 1000-copy, numbered, limited-edition.

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