Graham Winchester - Nobody Waters the Flowers   [PREORDER]

Red Curtain
(RCR003-1: 051497437718/RCR004-3/RCR005-4)

Release date: 6/28/2024

Graham Winchester is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Memphis. When he’s not touring the world with his band The Turnstyles or drumming for garage rock legends the Reigning Sound and Jack Oblivian, he’s producing and recording artists at his home studio. Most recently he produced the critically acclaimed debut solo album, Everybody Wants to Go Home by Cheyenne Marrs.

Graham Winchester's solo album, Nobody Waters the Flowers is a clever terrarium of sound and style. The LPs warm yet bold production harkens back to Alex Chiltons' Like Flies on Sherbert with a dose of Neil Young’s Tonight's the Night. It’s raw and off the cuff, but with an underlying bedrock of joy and verve throughout; a welcome escape from our increasingly distant world.

Graham Winchester is kin to the late “Songwriter’s Songwriter” Jesse Winchester, and continues a family tradition of thoughtful lyrics in a vintage-inspired soundscape with this inspired collection of songs.

1. Vampire
2. Can't You See?
3. Lab Rat
4. Quietly
5. Nobody Waters The Flowers
6. I'll Be Sad With You
7. Coming Down
8. Hand in Hand
9. From the Start
10. Man With a Plan
11. Right By My Side
12. Fortune Favors the Bold
13. We've All Been Had
14. Writing on the Wall

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