La Casa Azul - El Sonido Efervescente de la Casa Azul (sky blue vinyl 2xLP reissue)

(ER1119LP: 8428846111193/ELE1119: 8428846211190)

LP reissue release date: 6/28/2024
Limited edition sky blue 2xLP in gatefold with download

CD is available now


Some albums are a big deal every time they are reissued. Every time we bring back a LA CASA AZUL release, looking back at how Guille Milkyway’s career has developed, and what an incredible and multifaceted artist he has become, it is even more exciting to enjoy his first steps. That’s why we are rereleasing his first two albums again, with the attention to detail and affection that define Elefant Records editions.

First, we are bringing back that Double-LP that we released for the label’s 25th anniversary, that included not only that marvelous first Mini-LP, “El Sonido Efervescente De La Casa Azul”, but also an incredible collection of demos, previously unreleased tracks, and the live songs from the “Viaje A Los Sueños Polares” radio program’s party in May of 2000. The double vinyl is sky blue colour for the occasion. That incredible album that includes hits that are already timeless classics like “Cerca De Shibuya”, “Galletas” and “Chicle Cosmos”.

But we’re not stopping there. We are also rereleasing “Tan Simple Como El Amor”, with a gatefold cover (fold-out like the original), and in red vinyl, because red is the color of love. The album that came before the explosion, with gems like “Superguay”, “C’est Fini”, “En Noches Como La De Hoy” and “Como Un Fan”, and where Guille made it perfectly clear what a great composer and lover of music he is, slipping between styles, from Ye-Yé to Soft Pop, from folk to hustle, from the sound of A&M to the sound of the tambourine.

In 2024, the official release of the first LA CASA AZUL song turns 25. It is something that needs to be celebrated in style, and what better way than the reissue of these first songs to listen to them the best way possible, on gorgeous color vinyl.


It's been only six or seven years, but in this time LA CASA AZUL have achieved so many different goals and have convinced so many fans around the globe (and we're not only talking about their enormous success in Japan), that an album like this makes more sense than ever. Even more so if we remember that "El Sonido Efervescente De La Casa Azul", the band's debut mini album, has been sold out for a long time now. In fact, the first demos they distributed before releasing this debut have been cult items for a long time, too. Even before they played their first live show (as you can check by listening to the album we're now re-introducing).

Hence, the re-release of the first album plus the three first demos and other extra tracks is such good news. Even more so if they're coming with a renewed, better sound (mastered by Xavier Alarcón), and a luxuriant new artwork: illustrations by Jean Duprez (, one of our favourite illustrators, and cover art by Cocoe (

Let's talk about history. In 1999, sunshine-pop producer Guille Milkyway found in the five members of LA CASA AZUL the perfect vehicle for his sunny melodies, which melted the spirit of the A&M label in the 60's with 70's disco and 90's europop. But, as stated by Eugene Light on the liner notes when LA CASA AZUL came under the spotlight: "it wasn't the right moment for Bubblegum, Ye-Ye, Europop, Sunshine Pop, André Popp nor Roger Nichols. (...) They'd sing “me gustas” (I like you) and it meant “me gustas”, as if the songs had just come out from the Brill Building". In other words, maybe the scene wasn't ready to hear the influence of HARPER'S BIZARRE, THE COWSILLS or the golden years of A&M, but when they sang "me gustas" it meant "me gustas", and the songs connected immediately with the people. You've got the prove towards the end of the album: the crowd singing along by heart to songs that had not been released yet. It was november, 1999.

Almost a year later, in october 2000, Elefant released their debut mini album on Mini-CD and 10" vinyl. Both formats are sold out.

This record features, as well as the eight song included in that debut record, the three first demos that started it all. We have also included their cover versions of MECANO and Jeanette, plus the song "Tantas Cosas Que Arreglar" (featured in our 2003 compilation "Momentos Perdidos") and the new version of "Chicle cosmos", recorded to be included in the soundtrack to the movie "El Asombroso Mundo De Borjamari Y Pocholo", a comedy featuring Spanish comedians Santiago Segura and Willy Toledo.

TRACKLIST: 01 Intro  02 Hoy Me Has Dicho Hola Por Primera Vez  03 Galletas  04 Chicle Cosmos  05 Sin Canciones  06 Me Gustas 07 Cerca De Shibuya  08 Bonus Track  09 Tang De Naranja, Colajet De Limón (Demo 1)  10 ¿Qué Nos Pasó? (Demo 1)  11 Me Gustas (Demo 1) 12 Cerca De Shibuya (Demo 1)  13 Sin Canciones (Demo 2)  14 Hoy Me Has Dicho Hola Por Primera Vez (Demo 2)  15 Si No Voy A Esperar (Demo 2)  16 Chicle Cosmos (Demo 2)  17 Galletas (Demo 3)  18 Hoy (Cambiaremos Algo) (Demo 3)  19 Quiero Vivir En La Ciudad  20 Chicle Cosmos (2005) 21 Tantas Cosas Que Arreglar  22 Quizás (Live Sala Aqualung, Madrid 6-5-2000)  23 Sin Canciones (Live Sala Aqualung, Madrid 6-5-2000) 24 Chicle Cosmos (Live Sala Aqualung, Madrid 6-5-2000)  25 Me Gustas (Live Sala Aqualung, Madrid 6-5-2000) 26 Hoy Me Has Dicho Hola Por Primera Vez (Live Sala Aqualung, Madrid 6-5-2000)  27 Cerca De Shibuya (Live Sala Aqualung, Madrid 6-5-2000)

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