Kelly Stolz - Crockodials   [PREORDER]

9x9 Records
(NXN002LPX: 5031802063325)

Release date: 6/14/2024 
Original release date 8/29/2020

180gm red vinyl LP with 7" Black EP. Limited edition of 850. 2020 RSD Release.

Kelley Stoltz’s track for track covers album of Echo and the Bunnymen’s Crocodiles.

Originally recorded in late 2001, the album was not released until 2006 and was only available on CD.

Stoltz took up the mantle of rhythm guitar in the Bunnymen’s live set up in 2016, after a few high profile state-side support slots won largely because of this album. Pressed on 180g red vinyl, with updated artwork and new sleeve notes from Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant and Scott Kannberg (Pavement), there’s never been a better time to discover this gem from Stoltz’s back catalogue.

With an impressive discography (including releases on Sub-Pop, Third Man & Castle Face) full of jangled-nerve post-punk and paisley pools of pop, Kelley Stoltz is a purveyor of his own unique strain of pop psychosis. Equally inspired by 60’s psychedelia and the darker sides of 80’s synth and guitar driven indie.

Bonus 7” E.P. features three early demos of Distorted Reality, 14-year-old Kelley’s band. These are the earliest known recordings of Stoltz. It features two Bunnymen covers: ‘Do It Clean’ and ‘ Silver’, and one Minor Threat cover: Stumped. 

Crocodiles is the debut album of Echo & The Bunnymen released in 1980.

Side 1
1. Going Up
2. Do it Clean
3. Stars are Stars
4. Pride
5. Monkeys
6. Crocodiles

Side 2
1. Rescue
2. Villiers Terrace
3. Read it in Books
4. Pictures on My Wall
5. All that Jazz
6. Happy Death Men

Distorted Reality 7” EP
1. Do it Clean
2. Silver
3. Stumped

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