Je Suis France - Fantastic Area

Orange Twin
(otr013: 656605601328)
Release date: 1/1/2003

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Nearly two and a half years after their self-titled debut, Je Suis France reloads with "Fantastic Area", a 15-track, fuzzed-as-f#ck arsenal of irreverent, jubilant, anthemic triumph. Spastic, dreamy, hypoglycemic rock that refuses to take itself too seriously; Je Suis France can party like Andrew W. K., rock like Guided By Voices andpurr like Galaxie 500. "Fantastic Area" kicks out the jams with songs like the title track, Memorial Day and California Rules. Although the pop of the first album has disappeared, the France has discovered its softer side in the sublime Live To Win and Space Rules. Take a cue from Ice Age: "Every day is a wasted day... if you don't listen to the France!"

On their second full-length, the France stretch their boundaries a bit, toying with distorted vocals, buzzing feedback laden guitars and tinkering with the realm of the psychedelic. Rumbly bass lines trade spots in the forefront with reverb-drenched shout-along choruses the give credence to belief in a world where Wire's "Pink Flag" can peacefully coexist with late 70's stoner jams.

Je Suis France is a five-piece from Athens, Georgia, but the band has little in common with the sounds of R.E.M. or Elephant 6, although fans of both. DJ Hammond and Ryan Martin (aka "The Darkness") met in high school in Atlanta. Once in college at the University of Georgia, they got together with Ryan Bergeron (aka "Iceberg"), Chris Rogers and Jeff Griggs (formerly of the Masters of the Hemisphere and the Mendoza Line) to form the France. Their self-titled debut record was released on David Lowrey's Pitch-A-Tent records in 2000 and an 8 song 7" EP entitled "Ice Age" came out on DC/Baltimore2012 records last spring. Their influences range from Gang of Four to Superchunk to Neu! to Spacemen 3 to Outkast.    

1. Fantastic Area
2. Snake Pussy
3. Memorial Day
4. Weightless Work
5. Live To Win
6. California Rules
7. Ice Age
8. Ice Age
9. Hammock
10. Space Rules
11. Outdoor Industry
12. Flip-Scolded
13. Kid Millions
14. Still Flyin'
15. Horse Violence

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