Elf Power - A Dream in Sound   [PREORDER]

Orange Twin
(OTR057-2: 639980001020/OTR057-3)
Release date: 01/05/2018
Genre: Indie Rock

A Dream in Sound is the third full-length release from indie rock band Elf Power on the Arena Rock label. It was produced by longtime The Flaming Lips collaborator and Mercury Rev bassist Dave Fridmann.

The aptly titled A Dream in Sound is Elf Power's creative breakthrough -- inventively produced by the great Dave Fridmann, the record is a great leap forward from the previous When the Red King Comes, boasting a bright, majestic sheen (the richest to grace an Elephant 6 release to date) that illuminates the striking pop melodies once buried below the group's fuzz-drenched surface. Although song titles like "High Atop the Silver Branches" and "Simon (The Bird with the Candy Bar Head)" serve notice that the Elves' psychedelic tendencies are still in full bloom, there's a new emotional complexity behind the songs as well -- Andrew Rieger's high, plaintive vocals lend a strange poignancy to his surreal narratives, and tracks like the lovely "Jane" possess genuine sweetness and warmth. A major addition to the E6 canon, A Dream in Sound pushes Elf Power to the label's front lines alongside Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel -- lofty company indeed. - AMG

1 Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home
2 High Atop The Silver Branches
3 Willowy Man
4 Olde Tyme Waves
5 Jane
6 All The Passengers
7 We Dream In Sound
8 Carnival
9 The Well
10 Noble Experiment
Written-By – Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
11 Simon (The Bird With The Candy Bar Head)
12 Rising And Falling In A Little World
13 O What A Beautiful Dream

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