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Universe in Reverse LP description:

Limited edition of 100 black vinyl LP release date: 6/9/2023

Isolated Gate is Ian Masters (Pale Saints) and Tim Koch (Central Processing Unit). Universe in Reverse is their first full length release together following two EPs: No Heart No Home and Hapax Legomenon both released in 2022.

A chance meeting between Australian graphic artist Cailan Burns andEnglish musician Ian Masters at the infamous Bears live house in the sonorous distended bowels of Osaka kickstarted the horrific but unstoppable chain of events that led to the gestation of Isolated Gate.

Ian and Cailan became good friends in Osaka and did some musical experiments. All the while, Cailan kept mentioning a mysterious friend who wanted to collaborate. When the request to collaborate finally came, Australian electronica musician Tim and Ian started working together like an ovum dividing and finally, after many many months of pulling time and laugh completely out of shape and to the extremes of elasticity, this debut LP was ejaculated into being.

Torrents of telepathic communication flowed as well as assorted F words, while the two tried to find the best way of working remotely, as they had, and still haven't, ever been in the same room together, unless you count that biggest room.

Bonded by a love of psychedelic music and that of rhythms that are irresistible to animals that dance and those that don't, the two set out to explore distant galaxies of possibility, and the 7 dimensions of sound.

Attempting to shed all previous methods of music-creation and attempting to break as many rules as possible, the music you are listening to is the result of more than two years of pushing too hard, of trying to liberate themselves from the shackles of their previous outputs. Many new collaboration tools were tried, and most were discarded.

The three corners of the psychotropic pyramid are completed in the fact that Cailan Burns' visualizations of Isolated Gate's music is splashed on, all over the artwork for the album. Having completed their first mission, they will once again exit the dream world.

 As the Great Brain Pulsates  4:55
2. Confusion Is Bliss (But Short-lived)  2:09
3. Mankind Will Disappear  5:35
4. Marsupial Helix   4:55
5. If We're Lucky Monday Might Never Come   3:18
6. I Am the Window   10:21
7.  The Man Who Froze Himself for Fun   6:04
8. Delight Ingot Thon Thoth   4:12

Total run time: 41:48

Mastered by Anthony Ryan (ISAN).
Illustration by Cailan Burns (Pretty Boy Crossover, Mist & Sea, Mystery Twin).

No Heart No Home 12" EP description:

Limited edition of 100 black vinyl 12" EP release date 12/2/2022.

A1. No Heart No Home  14:16
B1. Confusion is Bliss (Full Version)  4:04
B2. Somewhere Anywhere  4:03
B3. Amniotic Excavations  6:31


1. No Heart No Home  14:16
2. Confusion is Bliss  4:04
3. Somewhere Anywhere  4:03
4. Amniotic Excavations  6:31

On their second EP, Isolated Gate have gone long-form. No Heart No
Home, originally a seven minute piece commissioned by Arts South Australia and the Womadelaide Festival necessitated a longer arrangement into which Isolated Gater Tim Koch threw himself along with additional cello by Sydney-sider Peter Hollo. Extended to its present glorious length of 14:40 allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in the dark world of reluctant but involuntary refuges. The song is sung entirely in Japanese by Ian Masters.

Side two finds IG in a more playful mood with pieces incorporating observations and feelings about gender fluidity "Confusion Is Bliss", multiple realities "Somewhere Anywhere" and the first of many forays into ambient sonic landscapes, "Amniotic Excavations".

These pieces have been in development for some time, along with tracks for the debut album, but working on both releases simultaneously has allowed Tim and Ian to find the logical place to slot them in. - Ian Masters

Hapax Legomenon 12" EP description:

Isolated Gate is Ian Masters (Pale Saints) and Tim Koch (CPU, Ghostly International). Ian and Tim work together online via Osaka and Adelaide. A full-length is planned for release on Darla in Fall 2022.

Hapax Legomenon is a distillation of ideas brought together in playful collaboration across the sea. The songs bounce and ricochet between all 10 dimensions from A Clockwork Orange to The Expanding Universe to Musik von Harmonia to A Rainbow in Curved Air to Computer World to My Life in the Bush of Ghosts to On Land to Little Fluffy Clouds to Selected Ambient Works and Come to Daddy and beyond.

The EP travels sonically through Krautrock clouds, Poppy fields of fragmented melody and even dips into subterranean experimental bunkers of fractured ambience.

Isolated Gate are presently focused on creating their debut album of thought poems and sound-colour to both distill and expand the energies revealed on Hapax Legomenon.

1. Insincerabilitisationism
2. The Sky has Died
3. Rubber Brain
4. Cinnamon Sphincter
5. Battle of the Buildings

Euphoria-inducing sleeve design by the ever innovative Timothy O'Donnell.

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