Holiday Flyer - You Make Us Go

(DRL088-2: 708527008829/DRL088-1: 708527008812)
Release date: 08/03/1999
Genre: Indie Pop

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Brother and sister John (guitar, vocals) and Katie Conley (percussion, vocals) with or without their friend Verna Brock (piano, cello, flute, and organ) are Holiday Flyer, one of the finest things to ever grace the Capitol City of California since Bob Wilkins hosted scary movies on Saturday nights. Proudly tender, and humanly frail, full of romantic hopes and delusions that feel as hopeful as the promise of Spring, or as sweet as the smell of rain on a Summer day. Lost in love or the wish to be in love, sometimes just remembering or reflecting on a real history and harmony that goes all the way back to childhood. I tease them about the early 80s Cherry Red sound, and there’s a resemblance to early, Ben Watt, Tracey Thorn, Marine Girls, Everything But the Girl, type stuff, but Holiday Flyer are their own thing, and growing all the time. Youthful, good hearted modern indie-folk-pop of the highest order. -- George Parsons, DREAM Magazine

From Tokyo to Tallahassee all the kids are familiar with the Bay Area's friendly, fun lovin' HOLIDAY FLYER and their enchanting, romantic, bittersweet pop. If you're a new pop pup, meet brother and sister John and Katie Conley. Both sing and write. John plays guitar, Katie plays drums. And Katie has a the most moving, sensuous, voice you've ever heard! The multi-talented Verna Brock, also internationally known for her singles as Beanpole and as a member of Rocketship, writes too and plays piano, cello, and flute. This is Holiday Flyer's third full length album and their first for Darla Records! The band has employed a fuller sound for You Make Us Go, with added second guitar and bass. It's a big hi-fi pop affair and their soulful songwriting is better than ever. You Make Us Go is an absolutely gorgeous record. It is indeed the trio's best yet, and their most pop record too. Tell two friends!

01 How When or Where
02 Clover Valley Road
03 Movies
04 Nothing's Wrong
05 Still Here
06 Guts
07 Nobody Follow Me
08 Joke's on Me
09 Be Alright
10 Anyway
11 When Will I Ever Learn
12 Surprised

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