Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Candylion

(DRL221: 708527022122)
Release date: 05/25/2009
Genre: Ambient

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1. Sunday After The War 
2. Exit Plan (Perfume) 
3. On Ships That Sail Away 
4. Eaux D'Artifice 
5. Beautiful Intruder 
6. Candylion 
7. Ribbons Everywhere 
8. The Bells 
9. She Slipped Through The Door A
10. Mlle. Ice 
11. Orange Portals
12. In The Midst Of Life

Candylion contrasts previous work, A Song for Lost Blossoms, in that it is more thoughtful and structured. Still, it constantly surprises the listener with a fresh collage of aural landscapes and moods. Sometimes it evokes the feeling of a traditional Japanese piece, or the mood of a gentile, 60s, British film, or a Renaissance cathedral with cloisters reverberating a choral ensemble. Harold Budd and Clive Wright use new colors to paint Canylion's soundscapes: Harp, strings and even drums.

If A Song for Lost Blossoms reminds listeners familiar with Harold Budd's previous works of his collaboration with Brian Eno, then Candylion may serve as a continuation of the spirit of Avalon Sutra; warm, glistening, meditative and alive. Art beautiful Art!

Harold Budd is recognized as The Godfather of Ambient Music.  His works are the cornerstones of the modern minimal and ambient canon. Clive Wright is a founding member of the platinum selling pop/rock band Cock Robin and has worked as writer, producer and guitarist with Human Drama, Tears for Fears members, Montell Jordan, The Black Eyed Peas and Peter Gabriel.

Candylion was recorded and mixed at Clive Wright's Desert Sky Studio, Joshua Tree, CA. during the last quarter of 2008.

Cover art painting RF 2000 by Billy Al Bengston.

PERSONNEL: Harold Budd: Keyboards, virtual brass and string arrangements on 5. Clive Wright: Guitar, Slide, Guitar Synth, Ebow, virtual string and choral arrangements on 4, 9, 12. Patti Hood: Harp on 3 and 5. George Zelenz: Drums on 1. Ray Woods: Drums on 5. Clive Wright: Engineering, Production, Mastering. Brendan McGuire: Additional Engineering on 5. Thanks to Inpsyda for additional sound design on the track “Candylion”.


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