Holiday Flyer - Blue Harvest

(DRL058-2: 708527005828/DRL058-1: 708527005811)
Release date: 03/20/1998
Genre: Indiepop

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10" vinyl EP. Limited to 500. Not too many left.

Holiday Flyer is an indiepop combo from California's fertile central valley, famous for its oranges and roses. Siblings John & Katie Conley are now joined by Verna Brock of BEANPOLE and ROCKETSHIP. With their sparkling guitars and sunny harmonies, we think you'll agree this trio are the new California Pop sound. Poignant, humble tunes glide from your speakers like lazy clouds drifting through a blue sky on a peaceful Summer day. Close your eyes and feel the warm sun as it sets beyond the rolling golden hills. Blue Harvest Follows 1997's The Rainbow Confection and 1995's Try Not to Worry as well as a few singles.

1. It's Not Every Day
2. California
3. Hello Blue
4. Convincing Story
5. Now That You're Gone
6. It Shouldn't Hurt So Bad

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