The Hernies - If You Can't Think, then You Cannot Be Afraid of the Consequences of Your Actions

Orange Twin
(OTR049-2: 708527201770/OTR049-1: 708527201763)
Release date: 04/28/2017
Genre: Indie Rock, Art Rock

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1. Padawan of Your Love 2. Livin the Life 3. Scrapes 4. That Kind 5. Benito Santiago/Learn to Live Alone 6. IDK U 7. Think 8. Slipping thru the Cracks 9. Eyes Like Bullets 10. Play the Part 11. Slow 12. Slipping thru the Cracks (Reprise).

Limited to 300 LP and 300 CD.

The Hernies started as the brainchild and solo-recording project of Henry Barbe (guitar & vox) in Athens,Ga in 2013. The project has since developed into a 4-piece band with the additions of Winston Barbe (guitar), Evan Amburn (bass & vox), and Glenn Reece (drums) . The expansion has brought the solo project from the basement to the stage. A blend of art-rock and power-pop, the Hernies have a great mix of short, fast, poppy energetic bursts and longer, more drawn-out, slow, meandering songs, both of which are equally satisfying. The debut album "If You Can’t Think, Then You Cannot Be Afraid of the Consequences of Your Actions" will be released on Orange Twin Records in 2017.
“Since making baby steps into the scene a few years ago, The Hernies have undergone a couple of lineup changes and a significant change in sound. Initially, the group’s music straddled the DMZ between shambolic psychedelia and personal storytelling. About a year ago, everything seemed to tighten up overnight, and now the band easily claims "most improved" status. The Hernies are among Athens’ most effective progenitors of guitar-centric indie rock, featuring tightly focused songwriting, entertaining performances and eminently hummable tuneage.” -Gordon Lamb
“The Hernies delivered a winking set of riffy indie rock that owed equally to Pavement and CCR…” -Gabe Vodicka
“...impenetrable indie outfit The Hernies…” -Gabe Vodicka

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