Helen Love - It's My Club And I'll Play What I Want To

(ELE1129: 8428846211299)

1. It's My Club
2. Debbie Loves Joey
3. Dance On (Solid Gold)
4. You Better Learn Karate
5. The 1910 Fruitgum Company
6. Transistor Radio (Radio)
7. Jet
8. First Boyfriend
9. Rodney's English Disco
10. Honululu Superstar
11. Garageband
12. Queen Of The Disco Beat
13. Staying In
14. A New Squad Attacking Formation
15. Junkshop Discotheque
16. Saturday...NITE!!!
"I will never forget the interstellar high I got when I first bought and played “Punk boy” by HELEN LOVE, their third single, on my record player. The first time the needle made contact with the single, it became my single of preference of all time. Although this was more than 10 years ago, it’s still my favourite. I finally discovered what it was like to not be alone in the world knowing that there were other people out there who understood punk, who “got” the RAMONES, who appreciated bubblegum the same way that I did and would never want it to cease to exist. Each and every HELEN LOVE album gives me another chance to experience this instant euphoria over and over because their albums still tend to be the best albums of the year. The new songs could all possibly be immediate classics. Jam-packed with colourful pop icons and brilliant endless nostalgic memories of the history of pop: 60’s bubblegum pop personified, the omnipresent Joey Ramone, a tribute to “Jet” by the WINGS, referencing Rodney Bingenheimer and countless others. The product has scintillating melodies, poetic fun, biting guitars and playful synthesizers. Although it sounds like such a cliché, I must say that the new HELEN LOVE album sounds just like HELEN LOVE. Without a doubt, this makes the latest HELEN LOVE release, my album of the year". Text by Guille Milkyway [LA CASA AZUL]

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