Dr. Atmo - To You, Humanity

Carpe Sonum

Release Date: 05/14/21
Sometimes a single blob of paint is enough to trigger an entire work of art. Not only in painting. But - as now with me - also in music. The initial spark for the Album "For you, Humanity" was a drop of paint on the floor of my studio, which resembled the painting of the same name by Tahir Salahov from 1961. And so i already found the album theme. Out of this blue blob i developed 9 pearls, which approach the theme of humanity in different ways - if you like, apophenic art in acoustic form. Anyone who knows me, can guess that the music on this work is not an exclusively melodious end in itself but could serve an overriding goal. Thus, I wish that the listener at the end of the meditative journey through the 9 stations of the chill-out recognizes and lives what really counts in human interaction: Love and mercy. Those qualities that are for me a guiding light along my life path. PEACE

All tracks were written, arranged, produced and mastered by Dr. Atmo in my tiny home studio–Berlin 2020.

First of all my special greetz goes to Mia/my forever love and my parents who gave me this education and possibility to live my life in freedom and peace. Special love for inspiring and helping me create this album goes to Osho, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Robert Wyatt, Deuter, Vangelis, MJ, Spike Jones, and (believe it or not) Champagnepapi (for started from the bottom), Govi & Egon (where are you brother?). All done as love for art and with maximum respect to all sample owners

Track list:
  1. Am I?
  2. Humanity
  3. Start with a Chill
  4. Cosmic Bell
  5. Jim's Vision
  6. The Found
  7. The Love
  8. Try the Better World
  9. Keep on Dreaming

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