Clive Wright - Duets with Plants, Vol. 2: Cave of the Moon

Desert Sky Music
(DSM021-2: 885007783312/DSM021-3)
Release date: 9/27/2019
Genre: Electronic

1. We'll Make it Through 5.08 2. Homecoming 2.35 3. Hirojoshi Patina 5.33 4. Mesquite Night Wind 5.28 5. Ascension Symptoms 10.21 6. Circle of Life 4.53 7. Hollow Moon 8.38 8. Hammers of the Rock Gods 9. Adora 4.54 10. Sedona & the Peacock Angel 9.39 11. San Pedro 1.21
This is the second album of live musical interactions between plants and guitarist Clive Wright. In most cases, the tracks are completely live improvisations and were recorded at various concerts.

With this release we document experimentation with the Midi Sprout, a device which outputs midi data from the plants. Clive created soundscapes on a laptop to be triggered by the data and the results contribute to most of the plant voices here.

A more stand alone device named ‘Bamboo’ was obtained in 2018 and was used for ‘Homecoming’ ’Circle of life’ and ‘W’ell Make it Through’. The original Damanhur U1 machine used on the first album was used on the live ‘Hammers of the
Rock Gods’ triggering percussive sounds on a laptop as an experiment.

The arrangements were created with the plant voices live, and on most tracks no synths were added. There are minimal supplemental keyboards on ‘We'll Make it Through’ and ‘Circle of Life’. T
he rest are generated by the plant devices with midi triggered voice banks or sounds generated by the Bamboo device.

Clive Wright plays classical acoustic and electric guitars and a Godin electric Oud, again mostly performed in realtime with the plants.

Special thanks for voice samples from Artemis Robison which were added to ‘Mesquite Night Wind’.



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