Barcelona - Zero One Infinity (Expanded Edition)


An expanded digital reissue of Barcelona's classic indiepop/electronic pop second album featuring nine bonus tracks, which came out the same year but were not originally featured on the CD. All together here are tracks from both Robot Trouble and Studio Hair Gel twin EPs (March) plus a cover of the epic hit "Mirror Man" from Various Artists - Reproductions: Songs Of The Human League (March). 2000 was Barcelona's most productive year.

1. Studio Hair Gel 

2. Bugs 
3. Paging System Operator 
4. Electronic Company 
5. I Have The Password To Your Shell Account 
6. Bass And Drums (For Modem Users) 
7. Replicant 
8. Obseletion 
9. Robot Trouble 
10. Have You Forgotten The Bomb? 
11. 1980-1990 
12. Haunted By The Ghost Of A Party 
13. My Mom's New Boyfriend 
14. Kasey Keller
15. Robot Trouble (Autumn Teen Sound Bug Free Mix)
16. Social Engineering
17. Sunshine Delay (hollAnd Shower Mix)
18. Pop Goes The World
19. Studio Hair Gel (James Figurine Mix)
20. Studio Hair Gel (Baxendale Mix)
21. You're Not Far Off 
22. Buying Records Won't Make Me Feel Better
23. Mirror Man

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