Barcelona - Transhuman Revolution (Expanded Edition)


A slightly expanded digital reissue of Barcelona's classic indiepop/electronic pop third album featuring a cover of the cult classic Altered Images "I Could be Happy", which was then only available on a limited edition promo CDr!

Original album description: Pop, punk, disco and new wave influences reign here, everything from Blondie, Moroder, Agent Orange, New Order, and Unrest to Funboy Three. Imagine Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" if it had been recorded by Sparks. Frequently labelled "programmer pop" and "geek rock", Barcelona have succeeded in creating a sound unique to themselves. Jennifer's confident vocals support Jason's endearing vocal vunerability. Equal parts indie rock and retro-synthesized pop, Transhuman Revolution is referential and incomparable; erratic and infinitely catchy. Produced and collaborated on with Trevor/hollAnd. The album was sequenced by FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH author, Cameron Crowe. Easily the best record from Barcelona yet. It's like 10 new singles.

1. Intro

2. Everything Makes Me Think About Sex
3. West Coast Radio
4. Watching You Watching Us
5. Human Simulation
6. Teenage Pop Star
7. Fleeting Fame
8. April 1978
9. I Get The Message
10. Beautiful
11. Planet Jerk
12. The Power Of Jen
13. Outro
14. I Could Be Happy

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