Barcelona - Simon Basic (Expanded Edition)

Release date: 11/10/2017
Genre: Indiepop, Electronic

A slightly expanded digital reissue of Barcelona's classic indiepop/electronic pop debut album featuring two bonus tracks, which came out the same year but were not originally featured on the CD: "Why Do You Have so Much Fun Without Me? (hollAnd Remix)" from Various Artists - Little Darla Has A Treat For You V.14, Winter 2000 (Darla) and "I've Got The Password To Your Shell Account" from Various Artists - Moshi Moshi: Pop International Style (March).

Original album description: Their first record is a doozy. Songs for the Commodore 64 generation, Simon Basic captures the new wave thrill of Human League, B-Movie, and current heroes The Rentals & Wolfie. Jen, Ivan, Jason, & Christian are the four DC popsters to be and they've enlisted Trevor hOLLAND to twiddle knobs and Mark Robinson to TeenBeat the Graphica. What a way to enter the indie-pop sweepstakes!

1. Why Do You Have So Much Fun Without Me?
2. Sunshine Delay
3. Indian Names 
4. C-64
5. Fabled Age 
6. Space Guy Blues 
7. I Know What You Think Of Me
8. 1/2 
9. Unreal 
10. Summer Songs
11. The Downside Of Computer Camp
12. Why Do You Have so Much Fun Without Me? (hollAnd Remix) 
13. I Have the Password to Your Shell Account

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