Aspidistrafly - A Little Fable

(KI031-1: 4532813342733/KI031-1-BENDY)

Release date: 12/10/2021.

Side A

1. A Black-Necked Swan
2. Landscape with A Fairy
3. Homeward Waltz
4. Cocina
5. Sea of Glass
6. Countless White Moons

Side B

1. Language of Flowers
2. Wooden Room
3. Gensei
4. Blue Bonnet of the Seven Stars
5. Dear Sylvan
6. Twinkling Fall

Ahead of the release of ASPIDISTRAFLY’s long-awaited new album, their 2011 fan-favourite second album A Little Fable will be reissued on vinyl for the first time.

“With a hushed wispy voice in the spirit of Vashti Bunyan, ASPIDISTRAFLY have more in common with ambient composers like Max Richter — and, along the way, have found their own leaf-covered path.” wrote NPR Music upon its original release. Now marking the 10th year anniversary of the album, A Little Fable is still being discovered by a new generation of listeners and has found itself a predecessor of the Cottagecore aesthetic with cult classics Landscape With A Fairy, Homeward Waltz, Countless White Moons and Gensei.

ASPIDISTRAFLY, which consists of Singapore-based singer-songwriter April Lee and producer Ricks Ang (also the founder of KITCHEN. LABEL), embarked on the recording of the album in the autumn of 2010 in Tokyo. Fascinated by the patina of time and themes of folklore, A Little Fable narrates a surrealist procession of tales - twelve compositions simmering one into the other lyrically and picturesquely. The album sees the duo play a flickeringly filmic mixture of ambient folk with gossamer-like vocal harmonies and guitar-based drone wrapped in a delicate lo-fi haziness, featuring collaborators Haruka Nakamura, Akira Kosemura, Kyo Ichinose, Seigen Tokuzawa, ironomi’s Junya Yanagidaira, Janis Crunch and more.

The vinyl edition will be released on November 26, 2021 via KITCHEN. LABEL. Remastered by Brandenburg Mastering, the reissue is presented in a die-cut jacket with an artworked inner sleeve and a 4-page insert, printed on premium paper stock with artwork faithful to the original design.

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