Section 25 - From The Hip: 30th Anniversary Edition

Factory Benelux
(FBN33: 708527000649)
Release date: 1984
Genre: Post Punk

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Factory Benelux presents a special 30th anniversary edition of From The Hip, the pioneering 1984 electro album by cult Factory Records group Section 25, produced by Bernard Sumner.

Recorded in 1983, From The Hip was the band's third album for Factory and the first to pursue a more accessible musical direction, thanks largely to the influence of new members Jenny Cassidy and Angela Flowers. Embracing state of the art Roland electronics, Section 25 graduated from barbed post-punk to smooth electronic pop, much of which prefigured techno and house styles, and spawned an enduring club/dance hit in Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix).

From The Hip was recorded at Rockfield by Bernard Sumner of New Order, falling between their classic albums Power Corruption and Lies and Low-Life. It would be the only time that Sumner produced an entire album for another artist. The iconic cover art is by Peter Saville and Trevor Key, and employs the cryptic colour-coding favoured by the Factory design director at this time.

The original 1984 album appears on Disc 1 along with bonus tracks including both 12" versions of Looking From A Hilltop, as well as singles Dirty Disco II, Beating Heart and Back To Wonder. Disc 2 features a raft of previously unreleased material, including a 1984 BBC radio session, five tracks from the original album demo in 1983, a re-boot of Hilltop produced by Stephen Morris of New Order, and a brand new recording of Reflection by the current iteration of the group.

The extensive liner notes include text by Vin Cassidy, Angie Cassidy, Bernard Sumner and Jon Savage. Six panel tri-fold digipack with 12 page booklet, including previously unseen images by Steve Farmery.

CD tracklist: (disc 1)

1. The Process
2. Looking From a Hilltop
3. Reflection
4. Prepare to Live
5. Program For Light
6. Desert
7. Beneath the Blade
8. Inspiration
9. Looking From a Hilltop - Restructure (FAC 108)
10. Looking From a Hilltop - Megamix (FAC 108)
11. Dirty Disco II (FBN 45)
12. Dirty Disco II (Premix)
13. Beating Heart - 12" remix
14. Back To Wonder - 12" version
15. Beating Heart - 12" version

CD tracklist: (disc 2)

1. Looking From a Hilltop (BBC Session)
2. Reflection (BBC Session)
3. Warhead (BBC Session)
4. The Process (demo)
5. Looking From A Hilltop (demo)
6. Prepare to Live (demo)
7. Reflection (demo)
8. Desert (demo)
9. Program For Light (demo)
10. Looking From a Hilltop (Stephen Morris Mix)
11. Reflection (Young Image)

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