Section 25 - Retrofit

Factory Benelux
(FBN140: 708527230152)

Limited edition of 500 orange vinyl + download.

Factory Benelux presents a limited (500 copies only) orange vinyl edition of Retrofit, the seventh studio album from post-punk trailblazers Section 25, originally released in 2010.

Recorded before the untimely death of founder member Lawrence Cassidy in February 2010, Retrofit saw cult Factory Records group Section 25 revisit key tracks from their 1980s back catalogue, remade and remodelled for the 21st century using an appropriate mix of new and old technology.

‘Gathered here is a selection as of section 25 faves, re-recorded and re-thought. The idea is born from their invigorating live set – compelling use of technology to lift them (almost) free from the familiar shards of 80s underground. Shockingly, this new attack works. All this tightening appears to have tugged the band into a sense of Now, gloriously at odds with the contemporary norm’ (The Quietus)

‘Audacious and innovative’ (Record Collector)

‘Section 25 might just be the best band in the world. Since 1980 they’ve been forging music that is as beautiful as it is challenging, from the monochrome psychedelia of their first album through Zen guitarscapes, electronic epiphanies, the arguable invention of Acid House, and on to an unexpected rebirth in 2006. Even within the narrative of such an unusual band, Retrofit is an odd confection: not a best-of or remix album, but a retrospective in which tracks are remodelled as gleaming techno sculptures with the most human of hearts.’ (Glasgow Herald)

Now released on vinyl for the very first time, FBN 140 is limited to just 500 copies pressed on orange vinyl. The digital copy contains 5 bonus tracks, including a blistering re-boot of Looking From A Hilltop by Stephen Morris or Joy Division/New Order.

Vinyl tracklist:
A1. The Process
A2. Looking From A Hilltop
A3. Beating Heart
A4. Reflection (Young Image)
B1. Dirty Disco
B2. Girls Don’t Count
B3. New Horizon
B4. Wretch

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