Section 25 - Nature + Degree

Factory Benelux
(FBN135: 708527230145)

Limited edition of 500 purple vinyl LP with download.

Factory Benelux presents a limited (500 copies only) coloured vinyl edition of Nature + Degree, the sixth studio album from post-punk trailblazers Section 25, originally released in 2009.

Self-produced in 2009, Nature + Degree was the first SXXV project to feature new members Stephen Stringer and Stuart Hill. Founder members Larry and Vin Cassidy are also joined on several tracks by Beth Cassidy, whose vocal style recalls that of her late mother Jenny on From the Hip and Love & Hate.

Stand-out tracks include Garageland, Singularity, Remembrance and Saddled With Something, the latter burnished by a string quartet.

"All Factory groups now have a cult following and Section 25 have done more than many to deserve it. The electronic pop-rock sound is no longer novel, but on their second album of new material since 2007 the group turn in an album that's straightforward, sincere and musically ebullient" (The Wire)

"The natural follow-up to Part-Primitiv, yet still recalling the Factory legacy" (Brainwashed)

Now released on vinyl for the very first time, FBN 135 is limited to just 500 copies pressed on purple vinyl to match the cover art, which references a 1933 design by Alfredo Cavadini. The digital copy contains additional bonus tracks.

A1. Pop Idol 1
A2. Singularity
A3. Remembrance
A4. Garageland
A5. L’Arte du Math
B1. Attachment
B2. Saddled With Something
B3. Forty Days
B4. Mirror
B5. Agenda

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