Casino Versus Japan - Night On Tape

(ATT018: 708527111826)

While fans wait for the next official Casino Versus Japan album, Attacknine is happy to present Night On Tape, 20 previously unreleased tracks from Casino Versus Japan’s recording archives.

Casino Versus Japan is Erik Kowalski. His signature style of electronic songs have garnered enjoyment from fans the world over, as well as by other music figures such as; Ulrich Schnauss, Kid 606, Marumari and the folks at the luminary labels Morr Music, Carpark, Darla, & City Centre Offices.

In late 2002, Erik sent Nick Huntington (co-founder of Attacknine Records and one half of the music group Freescha) five discs of his personal recordings. Erik is a fan of Freescha’s music, and the discs were a gift, not meant for release to the public. But thinking that it wasn’t fair that he was the only one enjoying these discs, that the music was too good, and that other people should be enjoying them too, Nick asked Erik if he would allow Attacknine to release it. The end result was Attacknine’s 2004 release Hitori+Kaiso, which contained the majority of the music on discs two and three. But nothing from the first disc of music he sent was included in that collection. Until now. So here it is, Night On Tape, Erik at his most nocturnal, his lush guitar and electronic instrumentals swelling and buzzing neon highlights through the darkness.

"...Milwaukee's Erik Kowalski owns the sky, and the otherworldly buzzing sounds that could easily be alien transmissions" ‐Ghostly International

"From needlepoint to loomwork, lumbering beats alongside ebbing/flowing keys make for an introspective body of work. Across his other projects, Erik has demonstrated the same keen awareness for downtime, the living room listening, and the lounge & the hi‐fi" ‐Mod Magazine.

"What does the name mean? I have no idea" ‐Erik Nakamura, Giant Robot.

1. Hello You
2. the Flow Of No Go
3. In Inky Time
4. Ficticious Travel
5. Swimming Light Cycle
6. Lucky Luscious
7. The Open Face
8. One Small Step (Version)
9. Sun Bee
10. Windy Bubble Break
11.  Imaginary Shortwave Reception
12. Lake
13. Paranoid
14. Hush Hush
15. Love Life
16. Nameless Wireless
17. The Obvious Voices
18.  Rain Song
19. Skitwise (feat. Charles Wyatt)
20. Miano: A Pink Night For Snowmen

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