Am-Boy - Horrible Oracle Blessedness

(ATT017: 708527111727)

Attacknine Records is proud to present Am-boy's "Horrible Oracle Blessedness", 16 tracks of addictive Technicolor synth-tunes, and the latest dose from a body of work that has earned him the title of "Walt Disney on Acid".

Am-boy is coastal NJ's Forrest Wolf, and ‘Horrible Oracle Blessedness’ is his third full-length release. Perhaps more so than ever before, ‘Horrible Oracle Blessedness’ is filled with his trademark sugary hooks and pristine production that will leave you with a smile on your face and a head full of melodies you won’t stop humming. Forrest grew up on a steady dose of his fathers scratched and worn to perfection record collection that paved the way for his future musical endeavors.

“Mid 90's I started messing around with tape recorders and modified cassette decks. I always wanted things to sound worn out and used, and over shot tape was perfect. Melody and nostalgic chord progressions have always been what I enjoy. Once computer audio systems became affordable, it was easy for me to write. I really don't follow music that closely. I just make tunes that make me smile and keep me going.”

Praise for Am-boy’s music:

“Perpetuating his trademark 'Walt Disney World on acid' brand of nostalgic electronics…the synths have sheen, the reverb is whale-like at times, and the rhythms are programmed simply and effortlessly to lock down the pace. Am-Boy maps out a gauzy route through his own daydream nation, inviting you to get lost …and ease away from reality.”– Etherea

“Fellow Wobbly-mate Forrest Wolf has created his best album thus far. I cannot express in words how much this record means to me, as I've practically played it a million times. "Clayton's Hideout" is a perfect pop/electronic masterpiece, borrowing familiar elements from established composers and making them all his own. The album is perfectly assembled, and begs for repeated plays with its sugary hooks and pristine production. The beats and melodies are deceptively simple, exemplifying a complex series of emotions that perfectly unveil themselves with each listen. You will not be disappointed, as this is by far one of the best albums of 2005.” – Erik Kowalski/CASINO VERSUS JAPAN

Track List: 1. A Place of No Eyes, 2. Rallies Fads and Riots, 3. Brackish Exploration, 4. Over The Bridge, 5. Seaward Classic, 6. Moving Up In The World, 7. Turning of Season, 8. Blue Pass, 9. Brickpath, 10. Let’s Dance, 11. Erola, 12. Epic Battalion, 13. This Dead Scene, 14. Full Circle, 15. Never Be The Same, 16. Seclera

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