Casino Versus Japan - Hitori + Kaiso: 1998 - 2001

(ATT006: 708527110621)

HITORI+KAISO (1998-2001), Casino Versus Japan's fourth full length release, brings together 29 previously unreleased tracks from Milwaukee's Erik Kowalski, on California's Attacknine Records. His signature style of electronic songs have garnered enjoyment from fans the world over, as well as by other music figures such as; Ulrich Schnauss, Kid 606, Marumari, and the folks at the luminary electronic labels Morr Music & City Centre Offices. Like spilling specs of light or a luminescent swarm of benevolent bees, Erik Kowalski's music is as characteristically about the infinitesimal components texturizing it, as it is about the totality of it's larger melodious whole. Casino Versus Japan is the bee keeper's game machine, and from it comes the sound image of his neon glitter scenes, where the headphones become a theme park for the wordless, whirling translation of a gentle heart trapped in circuitry.

Recommended for fans of; Dark bedrooms and late night listenings, Cocteau Twins, being in the company of rocking chairs, your Loveless vinyl, the ambient visage of lakes, day dream selections, and trips on trains. 

"...Milwaukee's Erik Kowalski owns the sky, and the otherworldly buzzing sounds that could easily be alien transmissions" -Ghostly International

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