Alsace Lorraine - Through Small Windows

(DRL115-1: 708527011515/DRL115-2: 708527011522)
Release date: 08/14/2001
Genre: Indie Pop

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1. You Are Like Charles Lindberg to Me
2. Monday Turns to Monday Night
3. Back Roads Under a Giant Sky
4. Alex Runs the World
5. Name Etched in Home-Room Chair
6. The Girl from Roanoke
7. Swing Low, Constellation
8. Once the Ocean Built a Ship
9. Chalk Marks on the Ground
10. Summer Days at Home
11. Dreams I Can't Control
12. A Bright Patch Near the Wall
13. If This Were the Past
14. Alsace-Lorraine
15. Though I've Never Seen You
16. The Labour Day Parade


This new Chicago based group take their name from alluring Alsace Lorraine, nestled between the Rhine River and the Vosges mountains. A part of France, it retains a strong independent identity while it is at the same time considered the capital of Europe. The region is a melting pot of cultures known for its rich history, scenic beauty, Joan of Arc, castles, cuisine and flowery white wines. Alsace Lorraine are as romantic and otherworldly on their debut. Caitlin Brice's voice is breathy and soft like a very young Astrud Gilberto or Nico. Paul Francke and Hewson, also in the band Vitesse, together create a bed of rhythm & sound with a timeless, ethereal, pop quality. Alsace Lorraine craft a delightful concoction of Eurythmics, St. Etienne, Magnetic Fields, Nico, hollAnd, Hope Sandoval, Velvet Undergound as well as The Wake, Section 25 and other Factory-esque influences. Band leader Paul Francke speaks of the influence of the Factory period on his music with remarkable knowledge for someone just barely out of school and he captures it's mood and beauty exquisitely. Overall, Alsace Lorraine is a pop band in the best sense of the word. Their sound is of the present. Their vision: the future. Their foundation: Consciously the art rock and left field guitar & synth pop of the early/mid 80s, subconsciously the cool & sophistication of The Velvets, Nico, Gilberto and Wanderly of the 60s. Alsace Lorraine sound romantic; thoughtful, sensuous and smart.

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