A Girl Called Eddy - Tears All Over Town

Le Grand Magistery
(HRH021: 616656002123)

"Melodic, Melancholic, Dramatic, Passionate, Elegant - A Girl Called Eddy makes Beautiful Music" -Robert Smith (The Cure). This is a reissue of A Girl Called Eddy's debut ep on the venerable Le Grand Magistery label. Contains 3 tracks not found anywhere else and 2 original/alternate versions of songs that are also featured on her debut album recently released on Anti (the label home of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, the posthumous Elliott Smith record, etc). Hands down, 5 of the most gorgeous pop songs you will ever hear!

1. Heartache
2. The Soundtrack of Your Life
3. Girls Can Really Tear You Up Inside
4. The Same Old Tears
5. Fading...

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