Alsace Lorraine - Dark One

(DRL178: 708527017821)

Alsace Lorraine is the Uber Dreampop of Paul Francke and friends. On Dark One Alsace Lorraine sound even more romantic, thoughtful, sensuous, and smart than ever; adding a bit of folky Americana and narcotic Dub to their sound. Our favorite vocalist on Earth, Argentinean Singer/Artist Isol (Entre Rios) joined Alsace Lorraine to sing on six of the album’s 13 tracks, plus on both remixes of course. Isol sings here in English for the very first time! Isol also helped Paul brainstorm the construction of the lyrics and music. Caitlin Brice, who sang on the first Alsace Lorraine record, sings backing vocals here on one track. Dark One features fantastic remixes by Ian Catt (St. Etienne) and Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). The result of Paul & Isol’s work together is a unique blending of Astrud Gilberto, St. Etienne, Eurythmics, Pale Saints, Magnetic Fields, Lee Scratch Perry, a Latinesque Hope Sandoval, and perhaps at times a whisper of Nancy & Lee.

Work on the sophomore album Dark One began at Paul’s home studio on the south side of Chicago and was completed in Campbeltown, Kintyre, Scotland. Between those points, Paul worked on the record in a divinity school dormitory in Alexandria, VA. Isol's exotic, sensual vocals were recorded in her bedroom studio in Buenos Aires. Paul and Isol will definitely make more beautiful music together. There are plans for Ian Catt to produce the next record for Darla, and to include work by Hewson Chen (Vitesse, the New Lines), who played on the first album.

1. As We Fight
2. Dulce et Decorum
3. Call for Papers
4. The Tall Grass
5. Lost Province
6. One Day, Far Off, If the World Forgot
7. The Senile Rings
8. Claire
9. Stormy Sky (Skate or Die)
10. Burden Down
11. Go From My Window (Flooded Interstate)
12. No Stars
13. Call for Papers (Ian Catt mix)
14. The Gravel Dew
15. The Tall Grass (Robin Guthrie mix).

"I love this album! See, this is exactly the kind of stuff I want to listen to when spring starts coming around." --MANUAL

“Much of the most moving, long-lasting music succeeds at capturing a certain feeling of transcendence . . . the sense of newness found when hovering between sleep and awakeness, when seeing a breathtaking sunset or while kissing someone for the first time. If all too many musicians seek this sort of dreamlike state of freedom through new-age ambient swirls or retro-hippie jamming, Alsace Lorraine manage to grasp it within the confines of the three-minute pop song. It's quite a feat, and their debut album Through Small Windows is filled with gorgeous, comforting pop songs that carry with them the aura of being something truly special.” --POPMATTERS

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