Sweet Trip - Seen/Unseen

(DRL366-1: 708527033616/DRL366-3)

Limited edition of 500 multi-color vinyl 2xLP.

Order 19 track 2xLP and get 50 track MP3 album now.

50 track MP3 album. 49 tracks previously unreleased.

All tracks previously unreleased except for the first, KKMJ, which is featured on Alpas: Beyond Reverb And Noise, a Filipina artist showcase Shoegaze compilation series.

Before Sweet Trip broke up in January 2022, Roby provided this compilation. Valerie and I then edited it down from 57 to 50 tracks for release. 

A fan had made an unofficial Sweet Trip YouTube compilation album called Seen/Unseen, which featured unreleased demos from Roby's SoundCloud and officially released non-album tracks. It was quite popular and so It was agreed that we should release officially the unreleased tracks compiled with other demos and tracks finished and shelved for future release. We didn't think Roby would provide so many tracks. We hadn't even heard most. Many are jewels. Some are polished. Most are rough. The number and variety of genres covered with elegance is amazing.

Sweet Trip have achieved uncommon recognition and success in the past five years with their glitchy 2003 album velocity: design: comfort being widely recognized by a new generation of fans as thee seminal work bridging shoegaze and electronic music, with their more composed 2009 record You Will Never Know Why somehow becoming even more popular than VDC. We are eternally grateful that they reunited in 2020 to write and record a new album, A Tiny House, in Secret Speeches, Polar Equals, which we released in May, 2021. 

Roby and Valerie are both unique super talents. Sweet Trip have ascended steadily and organically. They have always been very humble and reverent to their fans. 
Seen/Unseen is a view to what may have come.

- Mr. Darla, March 2022

Digital album track list:

1. KKMJ  
2. Aluralura 
3. Darlin'
4. Deep
5. Mar
6. A Seagull Lull (Demo)
7. Route of Escape
8. Soul to Harvest
9. Steps
10. Things to Ponder While Falling (Demo)
11. To Live on Valium
12. Tonight (Demo)
13. Total
14. Untitled
15. Wait, Stay
16. W01
17. You Play Your Guitar and Sing
18. No Title Half
19. Milk (Illegal Apartment Live)
20. 203
21. A Seagull Lull (Reworked Demo)
22. And the Sea Will Rise
23. As We Forget 
24. BO-04
25. BO-05
26. Burmality
27. Foencahl (AKAI S6000 Mix)
28. Glorious Pain, Don't Steal My Heart
29. I Want My Cone
30. In This Prison, The Heart is a Well
31. Magic Science
32. Metal Test
33. Monica Bellucci
34. Piano
35. PNC
36. Rain Song
37. Simple Life
38. Singularity
39. Supur
40. The One That Sounds Like Starry
41. Curved
42. Unconscious Living
43. V4l226
44. ValJuno
45. Working
46. Wandering Splendor
47. Wolf Ambush (Acoustic Demo)
48. Wolf Ambush (Orchestral Demo)
49. Wolf Theme
50. XEST

2xLP track list:

A side: 

1. KKMJ 3:40
2. Aluralura 3:38
3. Darlin' 4:52
4. Deep 4:09
5. Mar 2:38
Run time: 18:57

B side:

6. A Seagull Lull (Original Demo) 3:18
7. Route of Escape 3:08 
8. Soul to Harvest 3:36
9. Steps 3:15
10. Things to Ponder While Falling (Original Demo) 4:04
11. You Play Your Guitar and Sing 2:09
Run time: 19:30

C side:

12. To Live on Valium 5:30
13. Tonight (Demo) 4:40 
14. Total 3:49
15. Untitled 4:52
Run time: 18:51

D side:

16. Wait, Stay 5:10
17. W01 2:17
18. No Title Half 7:17
19. Milk (Illegal Apartment Live) 4:00
Run time: 18:44

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