Socratako - scʳ tk°

Carpe Sonum
(NOVUMVI-2: 708527071564)
Release date: 01/06/2017
Genre: Electronic

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1. Morning City, 2. Derealization Jam, 3. Down the Horizon, 4. Socartko, 5. UnSkurity Kam, 6. Soktoko, 7. The Valve (Acid Dance Version), 8. Croissant 11 mb, 9. Croissant Recooked, 10. Aenimus, 11. Standing (Intermission), 12. Recok 98’0, 13. Unconscious Now Conscious, 14. B Thodol (Clic Version), 15. Derealization Jam Conclusión Inconclusión, 16. Catarsis

Socratako is 17-year-old Aaron Morris, who began composing electronic music at the tender age of 16. He claims the usual suspects as influences (Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Autechre) in addition to lesser-known artists such as Weith, Bija, Granola, and Carpe Sonum's own eyesix. As evidenced by his new CS full-length, one could easily add Bochum Welt and the Black Dog to that list, among others. Does this mean that Socratako is merely the sum of his influences? Hardly. In fact, it appears that such electronic exposures have magically revealed themselves as an up-and-coming talent of extraordinary magnitude. Morris’s expertly designed turns-of-phrase, his gift for randy melodies, and a sublime sense of what sounds should go where speak of a formidable new talent in the crowded field of contemporary IDM.
Overall, Socratako’s debut is a work of electronic rapture that is draws you into its own peculiar sonic cocoon. Though the rhythms themselves don’t exist here, the classic analog broadstrokes of Detroit techno are equally pronounced twofold, on both the marvelous “Catarsis” and “B Thodol”. An expert knob twiddler—electronica savant, perhaps?—Morris’s emergence on the scene is cause for small celebration; not in recent memory has someone so young in years produced work colleagues ten years his senior could envy. For Socratako, the world’s his aural oyster.

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