Serpentina - Planeando En Tu Azotea

(ELE1130: 8428846211305)

1. Festival
2. Descalzos Por El Parque
3. Dos O Tres Meses
4. El Universo
5. Cambio De Vida
6. Qué Desilusión
7. Querido Miedo
8. No Sé Por Qué
9. Tan Fácil
10. Yo Qué Hago Aquí
11. Mañana
12. Ven, Siéntate
"Planeando en tu Azotea" is a cd, musically speaking, more luminous, direct and immediate, perhaps less Baroque than their last album, with the majority of songs hardly going over two minutes of duration, following the norms of classical pop. As always, in the proposal of the Tamarit siblings, we find references to popular music across the decades, from easy listening (Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini, Antón García Abril, Esquivel, Augusto Algueró), soft pop (Margo Guryan, LOVE GENERATION, OCTOBER COUNTRY, CHAD AND JEREMY, HARPERS BIZARRE), folk pop (THE GENTLE SOUL, PETER PAUL AND MARY, THE SEEKERS), bossanova pop (Claudine Longet, Chris Montez), psychedelic pop (THE BEATLES, Syd Barret, SAGITTARIUS) even French pop (Coralie Clément, Françoise Hardy, Marie Laforêt), melodic Italian pop (Pino Donaggio, Fabrizio De André) and above all, Spanish pop from the 60's and 70's (VAINICA DOBLE, SOLERA, JOSÉ Y MANUEL, NUEVOS HORIZONTES, Cecilia). Moreover, the new work catches glimpses of soundtracks by Danny Elfman and the music of Él Records (Louis Philippe), passing over North American bands from the 90's such as THE LEGENDARY JIM RUIZ GROUP and Scandinavian pop (early CARDIGANS, CLOUDBERRY JAM, SUPER). Therefore, in songs like “El Universo” or “Ven, Siéntate” we can delight in pop from the sixties, while in songs like “Yo que Hago Aquí” we taste the folkier aromas. “Tan Fácil” is delicious soft pop and “Dos o Tres Meses” and “Querido Miedo” are samples of the best Swedish pop. On the Baroque and cinematographic sides, we have “No Sé Por Qué” and “Mañana,” songs which introduce us to an ambitious group with a proposal completely original, one that distinguishes this band from the other musical artists of this country.

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