North of America - Elements of an Incomplete Map (2014 reissue)

Noyes Records
(NR037: 708527005644)

Limited edition of 200 yellow vinyl repress with download to arrive at Darla HQ 3/20/2020.

North North Records and Noyes Records have joined forces to reissue one of Canada's seminal indie rock records. Seeing its first ever vinyl release on 4 November 2014 is "Elements of an Incomplete Map" by Halifax's North of America.

This collection, which was originally released in 1998, has been remastered for vinyl by band member and acclaimed mastering engineer J. LaPointe. The original artwork has also been reinterpreted by Yo Rodeo.

The original 10 track album has been pressed on classic 180 gram black vinyl. To complete the full reissue treatment, the package also includes recently unearthed demos. Every purchase gets a download for the following:

Elements of an Incomplete Map (180 gram 12" + digital)

1. Cities and Plans
2. Telluride Canyon
3. Killed in the Ratings
4. The Life of Fortitude
5. Map of the Incomplete Elements
6. The Feeling of Being in Key
7. Essentials of the Knife Fight
8. Time Changes Technique
9. Photographic Presentment of a Crowd of Strangers
10. Eliel Saarinen

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