Holy Shroud, The - Ghost Repeaters

Noyes Records
(NR045: 708527170243)
Release date: 05/26/2017
Genre: Indie Rock

The Holy Shroud were a Canadian supergroup featuring members of North of America and Wintersleep. Here, for the first time on vinyl, is their Ghost Repeaters LP. This set was originally released in 2005 on the influential Level Plane label. The record has been remastered and includes never before seen photos and a retrospective essay by founding member Michael Bigelow. This is a ferocious and crucial record. Limited to 300 on white vinyl.

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Calling In Confederate Debts
Sinners And Sailors
Landmarks To Postmarks
Sound The Death Knell
Lights Out For The Riot
Say What You Are
This Is The Future Perfect
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