My Morning Jacket - The Tennessee Fire

(DRL089-2: 708527008928/DRL089-1: 708527008911/DRL089-3)
Release date: 05/25/1999
Genre: Rock, Classic Rock

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1. Heartbreakin Man, 2. They Ran, 3. The Bear, 4. Nashville to Kentucky, 5. Old September Blues, 6. If All Else Fails, 7. It's About Twilight Now, 8. Evelyn is Not Real, 9. War Begun, 10. Picture of You, 11. I Will Be There When You Die, 12. The Dark, 13. By My Car, 14. Butch Cassidy, 15. I Think I'm Going to Hell, 16. Untitled instrumental

Repress of 500 black vinyl 2xLP in gatefold jacket with download coupon.

Their fabulous debut album (1999).

“Released to worldwide critical acclaim, The Tennessee Fire provides proof (200 proof) that heartfelt American music is alive and well and living in Kentucky. A must for anyone who loves the sound of Alt-country mixed with wide open spaces.” –ALL MUSIC GUIDE.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Heartbreakin Man 2. They Ran 3. The Bear 4. Nashville To Kentucky 5. Old September Blues 6. If All Else Fails 7. It’s About Twilight Now 8. Evelyn Is Not Real 9. War Begun 10. Picture Of You 11. I Will Be There When You Die 12. The Dark 13. By My Car 14. Butch Cassidy 15. I Think I’m Going To Hell 16. Bonus track.

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