Motionfield - Capsula

Carpe Sonum
(SEIZELIV: 708527200315/SEIZELIV-3)

Release date: 12/18/2020

Petter Friberg, aka the imagistically vivid Motionfield, is no novice by any means (having released music for well over 15 years now), but it seems that as of late, his profile has been rising meteorically. In addition to this, his second full-length for Carpe Sonum, you can find him scattered across the breadth of IDM/electronica’s finest imprints, from Neotantra to Txt to Databloem. What links his work across the CD medium’s landscape is a gift for emotionalism that runs like blood through the electronic corpus, an ability to imbue even the slightest phrase with an almost overwhelming sense of melancholic heft. Each track on Capsula doesn’t bear the weight of titles: the eleven pieces form a thoroughly magnetic whole rich in a veritable abundance of atmospheric bromides. “Capsula Two” makes the most of only a few soaring chords, but the obtuse rippling effects tracking below the cloudbase suggest environs spanning great distance and space—the timelessness of Friberg’s waffling synths would’ve made ‘ol Pete N. proud. Further along, on “Capsula Six”, the probing tones yield a vista of expanding colorations and blossoming pulses, a thousand points of light arcing in all directions. Friberg seems to have tapped into the awe and mystery of the heavens, and in doing so, made its outer limits that much more beguiling. Simply wondrous stories.

Track listing
Capsula 1
Capsula 2
Capsula 3
Capsula 4
Capsula 5
Capsula 6
Capsula 7
Capsula 8
Capsula 9
Capsula 10
Capsula 11

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