MCM And The Monster - Collective Emotional Problems

(DRL318-3: 708527031827)
Release date: 06/10/2016
Genre: Rock, Rap

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1. Jimmy Page on Junk
2. Bust
3. Y.O.U.
4. Dash 243
5. Big Black Cadillac
6. Go-Go Bitch
7. On Top of Your World
8. Lay Down
9. Michael Rolly
10. Sweet Jane
11. Meltdown
12. Jenny Joseph
13. That's What You Get

First time available as download/stream. A Bay Area classic.

MCM And The Monster were arguably San Francisco's most popular local band from '87 to '93. They packed clubs and street fairs with fans from all music tribes. The Beastie Boys were visibly more than a bit apprehensive about following them as opening band in SF as were every touring headliner they opened for. MCM helped
pioneer rock/rap with a skate punk core but were much harder rocking and both more unabashedly obscene and widely relate-able lyrically than any other band of the genre. They were San Francisco's ultimate party band and were courted by both major labels such as Warner Bros. and big booking agents such as Bill Graham Presents, however, they showed little respect for opportunities ('cos rock n roll) and didn't bother to release their first record until '93 (Gasatanka/Dutch East). By then the genre's popularity had long since peaked. MCM have played special events in recent years such as the benefit for I-Beam booker Eddie Jennings at The Regency Ballroom, SF in 2015. MCM have since been on a men's retreat.

Start Date: Founded in June 1987

Genre: High energy freakout music

Band Members:

Vocals: Miles Orkin
Guitar: Gary Stiltz
Guitar: Hector Penalosa (Pioneering West Coast Punk band The Zeros)
Bass: Danny Ornelas
Drums: Brian "Brain" Mantia (Primus, Tom Waits, Guns and Roses, Bill Laswell's Praxis, Serj Tankian, Limbomaniacs)
Turntables: Aaron "DJ Pause" Vaughn (Mordred)
Producer: Pete Scaturro (Buckethead, Joe Satriani, Guns and Roses, William S. Burroughs)
Guitar solo on "Dash 243"- Buckethead
DJ Scratch on "Lay Down"- Chill E.B.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

This page provides deep insight and extensive metaphysical contemplations on the nature of music as a driving force for pure thought and unadulterated compassion for all of humanity. It also provides a supportive, non-judgmental environment for open dialogue about cheap beer, loud guitars, bad decisions, and convenience store hot dog rollers.
Baptized in bourbon by the kindred spirits of Bon Scott and James Brown, MCM And The Monster were the scourge of the San Francisco music scene from the late 80s through the mid 90s.
They released three albums, played up and down the West Coast, got big in Japan one Summer, and just generally drove happy crowds into an ugly frenzy everywhere they went.
Going to a Monster show was like doing hot yoga if you kept the all the hot but replaced all the stretching with bouncing up and down, and replaced all the meditation with screaming guitars and turntable, and replaced all the deep breathing with off-color lyrics and merciless taunting from stage, and replaced all the incense with beer.
After lying dormant for over 15 years, the Monster has emerged -- Godzilla-style -- from its subterranean hyperbaric incubation chamber to once again lay waste to stages and social media pages across the far reaches of San Francisco's mid-town neighborhoods.
Defying all rules of science and common decency, the band members have retained the muscle memory and diminished concern for self-preservation necessary to deliver a full-fledged beer sloppin', ear-poppin', wall-moppin' Monster show once again.
After all these years, the band comes across as loud, lewd, likable, and unprofessional as they ever have, and they're eager to present their patented blend of muscular musical mayhem to a whole new generation of Monster fans, along with all of our long-time supporters (at least those for whom the parameters of probationary restrictions, work release programs, halfway house curfews, sanatorium free days, medical treatment protocols, psychiatric evaluation, indentured servitude, non-disclosure agreements and marriage allow the consumption of live music and fermented beverages).
We hope to see you on the dance floor soon, or in the cauldrons of eternity soon after that.

Gender: Plural (neutral)

Personal Interests: Skateboarding and various inhalants.

Current Location: Cyberspace

General Manager: Mitchell the Invisible Rabbit

Artists We Also Like: Henry Miller, Barney Miller, Barney Rubble, Robbie the Robot, Sly and Robbie, Sly Stone, The Rolling Stones, Rollie Fingers, Roland Barthes, Bart Simpson, Tommy Stinson, Tommy Guerrero, Mia Farrow, MIA, JFA, NWA, PWEI.

Band Interests: Skateboarding and various inhalants.

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