Mahogany - Memory Column: Early Works and Rarities 1996-2004

(DRL152: 708527015223)
Release date: 04/28/2005
Genre: Ethereal Pop, Shoegaze

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1. Amelia No. 2, 2. Nelly Van Doesburg, 3. Lynn Minmay, 4. ll Dynamo De Luce, 5. Altima Futura Automaton, 6. Aetherophone, 7. The Age of Rectangles, 8. In Fulfilment of the Enthusiastic, 9. The Singing Arc-Lamp, 10. Metro, 11. Mindful Contradiction, 12. Light Will Deserve a Place, 13. Cloudless, 14. Wagons-Lits, 15. Stutter-Movement, 16. Semaphore Stream-lines, 17. L'Ephemere Est Eternal, 18. Bunker Soldiers, 19. Sophie Taueber-Arp, 20. Accelerations

Memory Column is the definitive and complete collection of all Mahogany singles, EPs, and rare compilation tracks. With 20 songs spanning two CDs, Memory Column shows Mahogany establishing its modernist pop manifesto, arranging spaciously reverbed 12-string guitars with gossamer cello, densely-sequenced drum machine & synth, bossa nova-tinged boy/girl vocals and stalwart live percussion.

Liner notes include complete information for each track including recording date, location, method, and personnel; plus the original release information.

"A treasurable sound" -- NME.

Produced and designed by Andrew Prinz at the Simultaneous Workshop.

Mastered by Kevin Bartley at Capitol Mastering.

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