Lucy Show, The - Mania

Words On Music
(WM18: 656605883120)
Release date: 1986
Genre: Alternative, Indie Rock

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Signposts: Cure, R.E.M., Jesus & Mary Chain, early New Order.

Words On Music announce the release of Mania, The Lucy Show’s breathtaking album from 1986. The London quartet released eight singles, one EP, and two stellar albums from 1983-1988.

Out of print for nearly 20 years, this reissue of Mania remasters all 10 album-tracks, plus adds seven bonus songs (five of which have never been commercially released), the video to the MTV hit “A Million Things,” and liner notes by Big Takeover editor, Jack Rabid.

Mania sold more than 50,000 units in North America and rose to the very top of the North American college radio charts in 1986 by injecting gorgeous, poignant melodies onto a textured soundscape, ricocheting with shimmering guitars from the production of the legendary John Leckie (New Order, Stone Roses, Radiohead, Trashcan Sinatras, Felt).

One of the classic post-punk albums, Mania stands tall with the best recordings of the era by The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, Jesus and Mary Chain, and New Order.

1. Land And The Life , 2. View From The Outside , 3. Sojourn's End , 4. Sad September , 5. A Million Things , 6. Sun And Moon , 7. Shame , 8. Melody, 9. Part Of Me Now, 10. New Message, 11. Jam in E, 12. Invitation, 13. Civil Servant, 14. Sun and Moon (live), 15. View from the Outside (live), 16. New Message (demo), 17. A Million Things (original mix)

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