Knock Knock - We Will Raise Your Child

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Local favorites in Sacramento, Knock Knock, have been around for the better part of the last ten years, holding down soul sucking day jobs, getting married and making babies, staying up to have late night garage practices well past their bedtimes, and occasionally playing exuberant live shows where their audience tends to drink a bit and yell a lot while the band cracks wise between songs. Knock Knock, which is compromised from a pool of other great Sacramento bands such as The Bananas, Rock the Light, the Mega Cools, and Charles Albright (the band, not the dude), keep the rock n' roll equation simple: write great songs and play them loud to your friends. After all, its indie rock, nobody is getting rich in this goddamned economy, so why not have some fun?

"We Will Raise Your Child", Knock Knock's third record, expands upon their Bruce Springsteen meets Yo La Tengo in a beer garden sound, to add a dose or two of Tom Petty Power Pop to the mix, especially on the kidnapping fantasy of the title track, the paranoid jangle pop of "Those Creeps", and the forbidden love between step siblings saga "Your Mama Raised Me Wrong". While claims of "concept album" may have come from Knock Knock with their tongues planted in their cheeks, the theme of childhood does float throughout the record, albeit a darker childhood -- the kind that breeds a Boo Radley or a Charlie Brown. Of course, being Knock Knock, simple and straight forward pop rock is often the agenda -- take "Wild and Blue" or "Heaven Sent", two classic sugar rushes of male/female harmony and tambourines that will do no fan of indie pop wrong.

"We Will Raise Your Child" is a great record full of tunes that will have you singing along in no time, give it a listen and you'll know we're right.

Knock Knock is Mike Cinciripino (Lead Guitar), Heather Conway (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Allen Maxwell (Vocals, Bass), Christine Shelly (Drums) and Dylan Barnes (Keys).

RIYL: Yo La Tengo, Big Star, Galaxie 500, The Replacements, Unrest, Ted Leo.

1. Wild And Blue 2. We Will Raise Your Child 3. When I Was A Child 4. Mike vs. The Mysteries Of The Multiverse 5. Where The World Won't End 6. Heaven Sent 7. Those Creeps 8. If I Don't Sing If I Don"t Dance 9. Your Mama Raised You Wrong 10. Don't Fuck With Knock Knock 11. Lock The Door Leave The Light On

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