Soft Science - Maps

Test Pattern
(TPR014-1w: 708527180198/TPR014-1b: 708527180198/TPR014-3: )
Release date: 06/01/2018
Genre: Dreampop, Shoegaze

2020 repress now available. Limited to 100 white vinyl/100 blue vinyl. 

Originally released on 6, 1, 2018, Soft Science followed their celebrated release, Detour, with Maps. The band’s third full-length, was listed as one of the top Dreampop/Shoegaze albums of 2018 on several websites including Pop Matters, DKFM, Big Takeover, Primal Music Blog, and Somewhere Cold. Maps captures the band’s raw live energy while still engaging the listener with the dreamy atmospheric reverberations that have become a hallmark of the band’s sound. The album features whirling guitars, airy vocals, and captivating melodies that will ring in your head long after your first listen. Maps is a complete work of 10 well-crafted songs, featuring a re-recording of the earworm track Breaking, and the albums first two singles, ‘Undone,’ and ‘Sooner,’ that showcase the dream-gaze collective’s signature sound.

“In mining the past, Soft Science sees new possibilities rather than a chance to indulge in retro fetishism. The quintet sprinkles hooks through the concise arrangements, then cocoons them in reverberation – tantalizing, blurred, just out of reach. It’s a sound built to outlast trends.” - Greg Kot, Sound Opinions

“Soft Science are continuing to produce some of the most exciting music out of the US West Coast with their unique take on shoegaze/dream pop.” – Backseat Mafia

"(Undone) One of the best songs of 2018" – John Richards, KEXP

“A gorgeously fuzz-washed slice of post-gaze… full of spine-tingling flourishes and trance-like beauty, warping and waning into gaseous clusters of reverb” – Get Into This

"Swirling delights with sugary, delectable vocals... brilliant energy with shimmering guitars, perfectly executed bass and percussion, bendy synths, and Katie Haley delivering some of my fave dreampop vocals in recent memory" – Somewherecold

“Where the haze of shoegaze meets the pristine lines of pop… They join dots between that pre-Brit pop territory of early Lush or The Darling Buds and modern alternative pop fringes encapsulating the same pure pop heart wrapped in shimmering sonics, always reminding us that pop can be big and it can be clever” – Dancing About Architecture

1. Undone
2. Breaking
3. Diverging
4. There
5. Apart
6. Sooner
7. Know
8. Still
9. Enough
10. Slip

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