Junior Varsity km - You're Fabulous

(DRL064: 708527006429)
Release date: 06/09/1998
Genre: Electronic, Pop

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1. You're Fabulous! (LP Version)
2. Imasu Ka?
3. You're Fabulous! (Paradise Mix)
4. You're Fabulous! (Minty Cut Remix by Sweet Trip)
5. You're Fabulous! (Blissful Thinking Remix by Sweet Trip)

The LP masterpiece single plus three new mixes, two by Sweet Trip, one by JVKM himself, plus a new exclusive track too. Each new mix is a completely different version, almost indistinguishable from the original. The Paradise Mix is just as bright and uptempo as the LP version. The Minty Cut Mix, our favorite, is a solid deep house version with d'n'b breaks. The Blissful Thinking Mix is just that: a shimmering, ethereal, chill out version.

CMJ Monthly says of Taking Care Of You / Bliss Out v.10, "Plenty of Drum & Bass records sound fantastic early in the morning, assuming you've been dancing till the wee small hours. But precious few actually beg to be played first thing as you emerge from slumber. What finer fashion to be gently nudged into consciousness than with the dulcet murmurs of the opening "You're Fabulous!" With music as unpretentious yet inspired as this, 20 year old Kenric McDowell may just be the nicest person you ever wake up with."

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