Gutafan - Chicas De Oro

(ELE297: 8428846402970)

1. Chicas de Oro
2. La Vida Me Sonr E
3. Examen Sorpresa
4. Un D a de Verano

In March of 2010, we had the pleasure to inaugurate our well known collection, “New Adventures in Pop” with the singles of PAPA TOPO and GUATAFÁN. Now, GUATAFÁN returns with a second single for our collection and with numerous novelties.

They went from being a boy-girl duet to becoming a girl trio (with the style of the girl groups from the 60s and the Japanese girl groups), led by María López, and accompanied by Laura and Cristina, adding interesting nuances to their initial musical path, which passionately admired the achievements of the first recordings of LA CASA AZUL and Guille Milkyway, and now brush upon the techno-pop, with a slight hint of punk, a la Japanese girl pop style.

This all results in four new songs where the melodies are spunky, such as “Examen Sorpresa” which flings between drum machines, amazing drums and accelerated guitars. “Chicas De Oro” is a danceable tune and it opens the limited edition white vinyl 7”, reaching much closer to dream pop and with beautiful synth pop details (arpeggiators, casiotones…). “La Vida Me Sonríe” sounds as if JUNIPER MOON and COLA JET SET put out a song for Regina Spector and confirm that the catchy chorus was an original reference of theirs. Finally, “Un Día De Verano” expresses the force, electricity and energy of the new GUATAFÁN, and makes us think that these songs could have been published by HELEN LOVE if they would have grown up in Madrid, listening to songs of LOS PEGAMOIDES, LAS CHINAS, LOS NIKIS and ESTACION VICTORIA.

With great songs, a new formation and promising intense concerts filled with excitement and fun, we celebrate this new era of GUATAFÁN.

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